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Archives > July, 2008


Way back when…

Something fun for Friday… A tip of the hat to Canuckflack for this post on market research performed by Atari in the 80′s. Always cool to look back at when things were “simpler.”

Which Starbucks will close?

To many Starbucks patrons out there, the news that Starbucks is closing 600 stores may be a cause for panic. Around the office, a few of us thought about starting an office pool to bet on which ones near us might close. So, I began to wonder what factors will go into their decision to […]

It’s not about what people “want”- it’s about what they need

I occasionally run across articles, blogs, or other people at events who seem quite opposed to market research – and that’s putting it lightly sometimes. The most recent of these examples is this opinion piece arguing that common sense trumps market research. One of his main arguments is that people don’t know what they want […]

Auf Wiedersehen Stephanie!

Last Friday was the last day at Corona for Stephanie Papilaris, the Administrative Coordinator for CEO Kevin Raines and the glue that kept the quantitative analysis team running (and kept us from making mixed metaphors).  She’s returning to her home in Tampa, Florida and we sent her off in the high style that Corona is […]

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