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How to creatively solve problems

It is easy to get into a rut when trying to solve a problem. Here are 5 suggestions to see your problems in a new light.

How to make sense of open-ended responses

Open-ended questions can be enlightening, but may create headaches during analysis. Here are 4 tips to make it easier.

Four questions to ask before starting your evaluation

Are you struggling to get started on an evaluation? Start by asking yourself these 4 easy questions.

4 ways to report customer satisfaction

Use data in different ways to create intuitive reporting. Learn 4 techniques.

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For Government

Taxpayer scrutiny, changing demographics, evolving budgets and increasing demands. Today’s government agencies at all levels must respond to public needs with limited resources. It’s more critical than ever to rely on data-driven decisions to justify funding and measure impacts on communities. From program evaluations to impact studies, community input to need assessments, Corona provides defensible data to drive decisions.
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For Business

Marketers face a deluge of new demands from both their organization and the marketplace. Internally, they must justify budgets and show results. Externally, they are challenged to resonate with consumers and stand out amongst fierce competition. Corona guides customers with data-driven insights gained through market research, and provides strategic consulting for their most effective marketing planning and decision-making.
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For Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is in the midst of profound change. Working hard to stay strategic, relevant, and impactful, organizations require a strong strategy and business model backed by proven outcomes. Corona’s research and strategic consulting services bring the right answers into view, helping nonprofits move from insights to action and results.
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Corona in Action

Over the years, Corona has helped a wide array of customers answer the questions most important to them. Learn how we can help through what we've achieved with others. Our case studies offer a glimpse of the services we provide and the insights generated for our customers.

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